Introduction to gender and culture

Course description

The course is a practical introduction to culture as an object of academic study. It looks at the interdisciplinarity of Cultural Studies and the evolution of research orientations. It shows how cultural forms and practices can be analysed, evaluated and explained in the context of various theoretical models (e.g., psychological, sociological, anthropological ). It introduces students to terminology and conceptual framework of Cultural Studies. In project work, the course appropriates the theoretical apparatus to the study of gender

Introduction to gender and culture

detailed syllabus


A. obligatory reading (to get a credit):

A.1. used in class

Lewis Jeff, 2002. Cultural Studies: The Basics. London: Sage.

Longhurst, Brian, Greg Smith, Gaynor Bagnall, Garry Crawford, Miles Ogborn, 2008. Introducing Cultural Studies 2nd ed. Harlow: Pearson Education

Walton, David. 2008. Introducing Cultural Studies: Learning through Practice. London/Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications

A.2. used for self study

Press and online materials on various aspects of culture and gender, particularly in the Anglo-American world

B. supplementary reading

McRobbie, Angela. 1991. Feminism and Youth Culture. London: Macmillan

Millett, Kate. 1971. Sexual Politics. London: Rupert Hart Davis

Mulvey Laura. 1975. Visual pleasure and narrative cinema. Screen 16,3