The Interdisciplinary Academic Conference Micro-Cultures of Gender

The conference Micro-Cultures of Gender is an opportunity to investigate gender issues on the micro level across different academic disciplines. The main field of our interest is the individual and her or his environment. There are, at least, two relevant reasons for which it is significant to examine the micro level. According to the first one, ‘gender’ is regarded as a notion constructed and visible primarily at the micro level. The second cause is opposite to the first one – ‘gender’ is not easy to be noticed at the micro level.

We welcome anyone who is interested in cultural studies, sociology, biology, gender studies, philosophy and related disciplines.

The conference will take place on June 1 2017 at the University of Opole, Opole, Poland.

Conference language: English

Conference venue: the University of Opole, Student Culture Centre, Katowicka 95, Opole, Poland


The speeches should last approximately 20 min + 10 min of discussion.

Should you like to take part in the coference, you are requested to send an abstract of 400-500 words by 20 May 2017 to

The papers accepted by the review committee will be published in an edited volume (ebook) issued by the University of Opole Press, and are due by August 31 2017.


Micro-Cultures of Gender: selected topics

Below you can see several examples of topics that reflect the micro-realities in which gender plays an important role.
You may choose one or a part of the listed issues to discuss during the conference or suggest your own idea.


  • Micro economy of gendered household relations
  • Household division of labour
  • Various aspects of parenthood and upbringing
  • Nontraditional professional gender roles
  • Everyday workplace relations
  • Social media identities, images, performances
  • Gendered design and marketing
  • Food, nutrition and gender
  • Body, fitness and health

Micro-Cultures of Gender: keynote speaker

Dr hab. Anna Odrowąż-Coates (PhD)

Dr. Odrowąż-Coates works as an Associate Professor at the Social Pedagogy Department at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw (APS). She will be the key note speaker during the conference and will make a presentation on ‘a retrospective on field research in Saudi Arabia’.

Her fields of interests are social inequalities, such as ethnic and gender issues, reproduction of social systems through education (P. Bourdieu) and women’s position in contemporary societies. Her doctoral thesis is based on a 4 year study of women employed by the mass media and portrayal of women by the mass media in Poland and in Italy.  It was followed by a study of migration to the UK from the EU accession states and an in-depth study of women in the Polish and British militaries. Her most significant work is related to the recent 2 year anthropological field study of women and culture in Saudi Arabia. Professor Odrowąż-Coates also examined international policies regarding the protection of children and Scandinavian models towards greater equality in education and society. Currently she is working on projects related to expansion of English language and critical and reflexive thinking in education.

Micro-Cultures of Gender: important dates


Important dates:


Abstract submission deadline: 20 May 2017

Notifications of acceptance: 17 May 2017

Fee payment deadline: 29 May 2017

Papers for publication submission deadline: 31 August 2017


Micro-Cultures of Gender: academic committee

The conference fee

  • The conference fee covers the conference materials and coffee.
  • The fee does not cover accommodation or transport costs.
  • We also accept payments for EUR 25.